The company was founded in 1932 by Philipp Glaser, as a chair and seating joinery. My father, Anton Johann, has been managing this since 1974 and has been continuously expanding it into a pure cabinet-making workshop. The operation in its present form was the result of many years of cooperation with my father, in which I, Michael Johann, 1980 completed the carpentry apprenticeship, and took over the business in 1994.

Continuous growth and targeted investments in the machine park, as well as the constant expansion of production and storage space, made it possible to expand the offering to include complete equipment and furnishings. Through our many years of craftsmanship in dealing with a variety of materials, coupled with a reinforced design idea, which flowed into our design work, developed the pure craft business to a modern planning and production facility. The in-house production includes the processing of solid wood and veneers, mostly from our own warehouse, panel materials with a wide variety of surfaces, up to high-gloss and rear-glass finishes. By working together with competent partner companies, we are able to integrate further production steps and materials into our production, which enables us to offer high-quality and more cost-effective total solutions in all areas.

The motto “A company is only as good as your employees” is based in our furniture workshop on a highly motivated, well-coordinated team of professionals and apprentices. The smooth running of each order is an integral part of our corporate and employee philosophy.

The production facilities, which are optimally matched to furniture production, and a production area of more than 600 m² enable us to fulfill almost every customer request or design idea, from solid wood to veneer processing to painted surfaces of the highest quality.

Our range of services includes

  • Inclusion of customer requests on site
  • Recording the dimensions and spatial conditions
  • Information about possible solutions and materials
  • In the first step of the planning, a floor plan is designed on the basis of the dimensions and digital photographs taken on site. Subsequently, the virtual representation of the planned furnishing solutions takes place by using modern CAD applications.
  • Based on usage, field of application, design requirements and the budget, we are happy to advise you on the choice of materials and bring in our many years of design experience.
  • After completing the planning, we will provide a cost estimate listing the individual modules and the materials used.
  • Thanks to our easily accessible production location, our customers can visit the production process at any time in order to be able to coordinate any details still on the furniture that is created and in most cases pre-assembled. (Handles, glasses, lighting, etc.)
  • The personal relationship to our products arises already during the planning phase together with the executing employee. Its tasks from the delivery of the order range from production to delivery and personal assembly suburb. This ensures a high quality production cycle and a flawless process.
  • In addition to the statutory warranty, we offer a handshake warranty and the desire to serve our customers for decades. The use of high quality materials and fittings from mostly domestic suppliers makes it easier for us to achieve this goal.
  • Furthermore, our service includes the maintenance and replacement of functional fittings, as well as repairs or refreshments of surfaces.
  • Even in unpleasant situations, be it water or fire damage, we are happy to assist you with our know-how.
  • Our long-term cooperation with partner companies in the areas of electrical and plumbing installations, soil remediation and installation, is the guarantee for a well-coordinated, cost-effective processing of your furnishing.


Solid wood

The correct storage and the professional processing is the basic requirement for a distortion and shrinkage-free behavior of the wood and solid wood panels. Our own warehouse with local solid woods, as well as the cooperation with the largest wood and board dealers guarantee us access to all commercially available European and exotic solid woods.


The gluing of wood veneers on solid or board materials allows a visual language of the wood surface. We obtain our veneers from the veneer trade or directly from the veneer plant or our own veneer warehouse, which enables us to access the corresponding veneer trunk from the samples on display.

Board materials

By careful selection of the board material in combination with solid woods, the variety of veneer designs can be combined with the quality of solid wood panels.

Plastics, glass and metals

The use of these materials determines the design and functional requirements of the furniture, it is used by us depending on the project and purchased through our partners.


The use in the private or business area is versatile, so for example also as leather furniture front.

Decorative fittings

The decorative fittings of a piece of furniture are like the jewelry on the body. The long-standing cooperation with the most diverse suppliers for fittings at home and abroad enables us a wide range.

Functional fittings

The functional fittings are sourced only from Austrian or German producers in order to guarantee a service and exchange opportunity over decades.

Paints and oils

The surface is a creative and functional element. The products we use are absolutely harmless to health. The purpose and design requirement determine the choice of the products used and their surface finish. Our own painting room allows us to produce clear, color, back glass and high gloss lacquered as well as oiled surfaces.



Interior and Upholsterer






Electrical appliances


LED lighting


Cooker hood

The carpenter of your dream home

Based on usage, field of application, design requirements and the budget, we are happy to advise you on the choice of materials and bring in our decades of crafting and design experience.